Bring efficiency and liquidity to your global treasury

Streamline your financial operations in Africa and worldwide.

Bring efficiency and liquidity to your global treasury

Streamline your cross-border cash flows, currency exchange, and payments with AZA Finance’s global treasury services.

Benefits of managing your treasury with AZA Finance

Risk management

Navigate frontier markets in Africa and Latin America with an experienced and licensed financial services provider. Our risk management ensures your business remains resilient in face of uncertainty.

Compliance & regulation
As a trusted payment service provider with local regulatory knowledge, we ensure adherence to industry standards, maintaining a secure and compliant financial environment for your business to operate.
Currency risk management
Mitigate currency wastage with competitive exchange rates, efficient hedging strategy advisory and automated currency management.

Cash management

Optimise your cash flow, manage liquidity, and ensure timely availability of funds for your cross-border transactions. 

Flexible funding options
Explore flexible funding options, including post-funding and T+1/+2 pre-funding available via API, providing liquidity exactly when your business needs it.
Short-term cash liquidity
Access tighter spreads for optimal financial flexibility with our payment solutions.

Efficient financial streams

Elevate your financial efficiency with a tailored approach and solutions that ensure swift payouts, timely fund disbursements and liquidity.

Deep currency
Access deep liquidity for large-volume transactions and exchanges in G20 and major African currencies.
Float continuity
Prevent find shortages over weekend or holidays with our pre-finding option, offering flexibility in managing your treasury position.

Foreign exchange optimisation

Competitive rates
Enjoy competitive rates with volume-based pricing, giving you low-cost cross-border transactions.
Multi-currency settlements
Leverage our payment solutions for faster last-mile settlements in diverse currencies for seamless remittances and transactions worldwide.

Payments and collections

Cross-border payments
Make large payments and settlements via API or our web platform. Powered by global connectivity, our payment infrastructure allows you to send money across 115+ countries.
Collect funds
Collect and convert funds around the clock and from your customers worldwide with our API integration.

Ready to start your seamless payment experience?

AZA Finance’s approach to treasury

1. We strategically plan alongside your business

FX market forecasting
and monitoring
The FX market is dynamic, and currency rates can fluctuate rapidly. Our in-house currency experts stay informed of market developments and can advise you on what’s best for your operations.
Strategic market analysis
We share deep local market knowledge with our clients, empowering your business to stay ahead of the competition with our insights.
Unparalleled access, including Forward Swaps
We secure exchange rates for your planned transactions, protecting your funds against market fluctuations.

2. We have built a robust payment network

Global bank and currency access
Our established network of global banks means we can offer deep liquidity in dozens of currencies.
Nostro coverage
Our local currency accounts and rate pairing options seamlessly facilitate your cross-border transactions.
Regulatory compliance
We are licensed and compliant with regional regulatory authorities, ensuring that your business can operate without delay.

3. We deliver automated efficiency

Data-driven insights
We leverage our deep local insights to optimise the payment process for each market.
Real-time monitoring
Offering 24/7 transaction monitoring (via API) for real-time transaction statuses and success rates.
Fully automated settlement & transfer process
We’ve eliminated manual data entry and verification to ensure your payment operations are as efficient as possible.

Elevate your cross-border liquidity management
and payments with AZA Finance

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